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WordPress upload file type security restrictions

I just posted a little article on my WordPress blog about the new release of my Open all links extension for Thunderbird. I tried to attach a XPI file to the article, but I got the error message: File type does not meet security guidelines.

Via a topic on the WordPress support forum I found Peter Westwood’s pjw-mime-config WordPress Plugin which allows you to manage the mime-types supported by the inline uploader. Adding the file extension xpi with the mime type application/x-xpinstall did the trick.

6 comments October 24th, 2006

WordPress plugin to count clicks on external links

I’ve just installed Ozh’s Click Counter plugin at my blog. I already did some additional tweaking and modified the comments template of the Blix theme to count clicks on links to the comment author’s homepage.

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WordPress plugin to make polls

I’ve installed GaMerZ’s WP-Polls 2.03 plugin at my blog today. Installation went fine but I had to change some stylesheets and template options to make it look nice with the Blix theme.

Add comment January 14th, 2006

Upgrade to WordPress 2.0

WordPress 2.0 has been released to the public. For me, the most important changes are the addition of a WYSIWYG editor, an improved post preview and the use of Ajax to speed up some common tasks.

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