eZ Publish community maintenance releases

Today I started a new project on Google Code through which I (and maybe others, everybody is welcome to join) will provide community-driven maintenance releases of eZ Publish. Versions 4.2.1 and 4.1.5 are scheduled early April.

Check out the project space for more information.

4 comments March 27th, 2010

PHP 5 Zend Certified Engineer

php5-zce-logo-newThe last Friday of October I passed the PHP 5 certification exam of Zend, in the John Cordier Academy (part of Telindus) in Haasrode, close to Leuven where I am living. Today I checked the Zend website and indeed, I am listed now in the PHP Yellow Pages.  Cool!

1 comment November 8th, 2009

eZ Publish 4 – Enterprise Web Sites Step-by-Step

Yesterday morning I received a review copy of the new book eZ Publish 4 – Enterprise Web Sites Step-by-Step from Packt Publishing. About two weeks ago, fellow eZ community member Bruce Morrison posted an early review of this book, which was overall not very positive.

Curious as I was, I’ve read the introductory parts and the first chapter, called “Installing eZ Publish”.

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Running eZ Publish 4.1.3 on PHP 5.1.2

Although it’s certainly not a recommended practice, I’ll share with you how to make eZ Publish 4.1.3 run on PHP 5.1.2.

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Share your information… But be prepared to have it censored if you are not a partner

Recently I decided to add a one-sentence informational message to the contribution pages and project pages of many of the eZ Publish extensions I wrote in the past, that are still in use and which I’m willing to further maintain and improve.

Paid maintenance and support are available, contact for conditions and pricing.

My goal was to let people know that there is more available than just the free (GPL-licensed) code which comes without any guarantees. Getting some small money out of support and guaranteed maintenance versions that are compatible with new eZ Publish versions, would give me eventually a bigger margin to contribute more free code and improve what exists already.

However, eZ Systems decided against this. I received a mail from them to notice that my message would be removed, because the community is not a place for commercial messages. I do not agree with their decision though, as I think it’s just about sharing information (I did not fill the whole description field with commercial/marking “blablabla” talk). Sharing this kind of information is probably a privilege for eZ Systems partners only. Isn’t everybody who contributes a partner in some sense, even if you don’t contribute fees?

I say bye to eZ Projects, since I do not want my extensions’ description to be censored this way. Bye to the contribution section as well, which was supposed to be closed actually already for a long time in favor of eZ Projects.

I’m really wondering how long it will take until I turn my back to all other things that contain “eZ” in their name.

22 comments May 22nd, 2009

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